Our plumbers specialize in bathroom and kitchen remodels and whole house re-pipes. Using a licensed and bonded plumber is important otherwise you may be getting work that isn't up to code and could be prone to leaks, Duck Plumbing is licensed and bonded. Our CCB number is 20277. We have been plumbing for over 32 years. Our master plumber currently holds his plumbing inspector license for Oregon. Your plumbing will be up to code! If you have a plumbing problem in the Woodburn area we are here to help. Our plumbers know their stuff. Give us a call today at 503-449-0294.

We do all sorts of plumbing ranging from sinks, showers, toilets, Pex and copper re-piping, gas piping, new water meter installation to broken water line repair. If it makes you think "WE NEED A PLUMBER !!" we are the people to call. We will get your plumbing woes taken care of.

Looking For Some Cool Ideas to do in Woodburn, OR? 

We Recommend checking out st josefs winery They have yearly grape stompings and fantastic wine at good prices. 


Are you looking for something a little more high Octane? Woodburn is also known for its drag strip check it out here http://www.woodburndragstrip.com/

What is our background picture of? It's the Woodburns annual tulip festival more details can be found here