PEX Piping Vs Copper

Why Use PEX Piping Vs Copper Piping?

  • PEX is made from plastic which is cheaper than copper
  • PEX can make 90 degree turns without couplings futher reducing costs
  • It doesn't require soldering which  involves chemical solders
  • Lasts longer than copper
  • Pex Piping is more flexible and resists freezing better than copper piping
  • Pex Also Resists acidic water better than copper which may get pin hole leaks with water that has it's PH balance off.

Tankless Water Heaters

Should You Install A Tankless Hot Water Heater?

Tankless vs Tank Hot Water Heaters

Unlike a traditional water heater that constantly reheats the water held within it. A tankless Hot water heater heats the water only when its needed.

So why do some people consider this better? They argue that constantly heating the water is just a waste. It can be a waste, especially during the summer months when you are trying to cool your house.

However during the winter this is not true as the heat from your water heater helps heat your home and is not simply lost. In the Oregon area be it Wilsonville or Portland we need all the heat we can get in the winter so your regular water heater isn't hurting you.

Let us Consider the old story of the tortoise and the hare. We all know that the tortoise ended up winning due to the fact that he was slow and steady.

The same idea can be applied to water heaters. While the regular water heater is slow and keeps chugging along the instantaneous water heater is just sitting there doing nothing until you call for hot water. When you call for water, it has to spend extra wasted energy to give you the water in an expedient fashion. 


So where would a tankless water heater be of benefit?

Two Tankless Hot Water Heaters working in parallel to provide enough hot water.

Two Tankless Hot Water Heaters working in parallel to provide enough hot water.

In general tankless hot water heaters should be used in areas that are located far from the main water heater. Doing so reduces the amount of piping needed to get water to the area. You don't have to run both hot and cold lines. They are also good for offices that don't use a lot of water and constantly heating water would be somewhat of a waste.

If  you are in the market for hot water heaters we recommend and install Bradford white water heaters. Their website can be found here 

However we don't recommend purchasing any plumbing products from your local repair store as they are of low quality this includes water heaters. 

Regular Water Heater