Frequently Asked Questions About Plumbing


What areas does Duck Plumbing service?

We serve most of the Portland Area, with the shop located just south of Tigard just off I-5 . If you have a doubt call us we are more than happy to talk with you!


What Can I do to help keep my garbage disposal from clogging?

Avoid putting hard matter down the disposal such as vegetable peelings of any sort.

Other items to avoid putting down the garbage disposal are corn husks, banana peels, coffee grounds, egg shells potato peelings or other hard foods.

Cooking oil and grease can also cause issues because as they cool they stick to pipes and can cause clogs.

What can I do to keep my pipes from freezing?

Keep your house heated don't turn your heat way down when leaving.

Make sure all the foundation vents under the house are closed when freezing temperatures are expected. 

Make sure your water heater is sediment free and not turned up too high, this will also help reduce your power or gas bill. 

High water bill? Here are common causes.

A dripping faucet? It can use up to 20 gallons of water A day! 

Leaking toilet? It can waste over 200 Gallons A day!

Leaking water piping. Especially ones underground that you may not know are leaking!

Why should replace the water piping in my house? 

If your house has Galvanized piping, it could be causing slow or poor water flow, rust stains or just unsightly color  or odor 

What type of pipe do we recommend?

 PEX piping for water lines (also known as wirsbo or RTI)  PEX is very cost effective,durable, has a very low drag coefficient (better water flow),  resists freezing, and best of all doesn't change the waters taste 

After all who wants to drink water from a copper or galvanized water bottle?